Welcome to Liquidlizard, Inspiring Digital Design.

I'm Dave Ashby, freelance digital designer and 3D artist in Bristol. I design and build projects of all shapes and sizes for all types of clients such as design agencies and small businesses. I offer freelance services such as creative direction, 3D modelling & animation, motion design and VFX work. With over 20 years experience in various areas of design including, motion design, 3D Animation, illustration, 3D Modelling ( Cinema4D ), Octane, AR (Augmented Reality), TurblenceFD, Realflow, X-Particles, VFX, animation and video editing. Also i'm known for my social media AR shorts involving 3D Pokemon animations.


Watch my animated showreel here

Fears Brunswick Blue Watch Animation

Fears Brunswick Blue

Flowtech 3D Animation

Flowtech Intro Animation

DaveLiquidlizard Abstract NFT 3D Renders

Abstract 3D Renders

Pokemon 3D AR Animations

Pokemon 3D AR Animations

Fitbit Alta 3D Product Renders

Fitbit 3D Advert

Tailfin 3D Product Renders

Tailfin Product Renders

Distant - 3D Octane Intro Animation

Distant TV Intro

B-Bot 3D Character Design

B-Bot 3D Character

Wiper & True 3D Animation

Wiper & True 3D Animation

Mummy Meagz 3D Advert

Mummy Meagz 3D Advert

Rotary Watch 3D Animation

Rotary Watch Animation

Honey Label Renders

Honey Label Designs

London Designer Outlet 3D Advert

LDO 3D Campaign

Bristol Pride 2015 Branding

Bristol Pride 2015

Razor and Lynks 3D Character Animations

Razor & Lynks Animations

London Underground Infographic

Underground Infographic

E4 E-Sting Animation Design

E4 E-Sting Animation

Freeview Balloon Campaign Renders

Freeview Balloon Renders

Croft Website Designs

Croft Website Designs

Mr.Chefy App Designs

Mr.Chefy App Designs

Digital Home App Designs

Digital Home App Designs

GreenErgy Isometric Illustrations

GreenErgy Illustrations

Healthspan 3D Infographic

Healthspan Infographic

6 Degrees HTML5 Illustrations

6 Degrees Illustrations

DECC 2050 Flash Game Design

DECC 2050 Game

Music Video and Lyric Video Projects

Music Videos

LoveStruck Sexual Health Flash Games

LoveStruck Flash Games

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