AfterEffects, Photography, Film, Music Videos, Lyric Videos

Below are a few music and lyric videos i've created quite recently, put together by myself using video editing/effect skills.

Music video for the band Beyond Recall. In this video, the plan was that the band shots would take place inside an arcade machine. I helped the band come up with the concept for the video and was tasked with creating the 'points' effect and transitional scenes. I worked with the videographer on the day of the shoot to make sure we got the shots needed and then added effects onto the video sequences in post.

The lyric video for the band Beyond Recall. The song lyrics were about online dating, and the drama caused by the bad type of people you might meet. Working with the band, we came up with a visual concept of a lyric video shown within a phone screen as a stalker type fan trys to talk to the lead singer accross several social networks.

This first video for the pop band We Start Partys, uses a lot of effects including greenscreen effects so we could shoot some funny and expensive shots with very little effort.

The lyric video for the band Fight The Dice was based on the concept of a death of a friend. The difficulty of creating this track visually, was to fill the spaces where there were no lyrics using the long pauses.

This video for the band Show It Off, was shot on a very low budget when the weather in the UK was terrible. We limited with locations to shoot the band shots and get the storyline shots of the actors. But I think the end result came together quite well.

The next video is a lyric video for the band Hindsight and the song Dangerous, who liked the idea of a slightly sinister video idea as the chorus mentioned a girl who becomes a monster. The sourced forest imagery and using AfterEffects, created multiple forest scenes to travel around in while displaying the lyrics.

This is a lyric video for the band Rumours, who already had some idea of what they wanted from other kinectic typographic videos and I simply had to animate the lyrics with imagery that matched the band's branding.

This lyric video was released before the music video shown above for the band We Start Partys. So it's the same song, but this time it's 3d kinectic typography mixed with some basic live shots to build world around the concept of "Superstar".