Mobile App/Tablet Design, UI/UX

As our modern world becomes more and more digitised, it's not going to take long for every home to be digitised too. Some of the more expensive places being built today already have prototype system designed into them and below is a system I helped design for a technology company based in America.

The system needed to be clean and straight forward to have operating software that easily works over various devices and also can be re-designed easily for different branding. From wireframe layouts of all the parts needed, we researched interface OS designs on the market today. The end result is a simple and elegant system that has software available for mobile, tablet and wall interfaces.

You can control the window and door locks, camera systems, check the weather, change the temperature and turn on lights. All of which can be done from inside and outside the house through whatever device you have to hand. This is the default design for the system, but we also came up with some example variations for a couple well known US companies.

Digital Home App Designs