Lynks & Razor Animations

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B-bot 3D Character Design

If you follow any of my social media accounts, you are probably very familar with these two. Razor and Lynks are 2 animated characters I created a while back, who often get into ridiculous antics on a weekly basis. Originally, Lynks was part of an animated comic series I was designing in my spare time, but over time he has evolved as fun after hours passion project to make animations that make people laugh.

Razor joined in the fun and has also become a fan favourite, as the more mischievous one. I have had amazing responce from my followers, which keeps me making more, with a handful of animations having view counts of over 20k views.

I'm still commited to making more of my animated comic series, but in the meantime, enjoy some of the videos below and see much more on Instagram and TikTok.