Hi! My name is Dave Ashby and I am a freelance 3D artist & Digital Designer
based Bristol. I have over 20 years design experience, creating inspiring projects
for all types of clients, big and small in the digital industry.

Liquidlizard, Dave Ashby Freelance Digital Designer

My skills have grown over time from graphic design to web design,
3D modelling and animation. This lets me offer my clients a wide range of skills.
These days I mainly focus on digital projects such as websites, apps, digital illustration and animation.

Creative Direction

Creative Direction

I love developing ideas from initial sketches through to the final result and seeing my clients benefit from great design solutions.

I believe good design, works visually as well as functionally.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

I can help you design corporate branding, brochures, posters, business cards, flyers...

Basically anything you might send to print or need to develop your brand.

Website, Mobile & App Design

Website, Mobile
& App Design

I design and build websites starting from clickable wireframes through to the finished live responsive HTML.

This includes mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows.

3D Modelling &Digital Illustration

3D &Digital Illustration

I enjoy illustrating all kinds of imagery, whether it’s made as vectors, photoshop or 3D.

Used to create infographics, product promotions, t-shirt designs, icons and animation. For examples, check out my portfolio page.


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  • "Dave is quick thinking, accurate and original in everything he does. His designs are always considered and fantastic. His animations quirky and fun. He takes great care with his work and is a pleasure to work with."

    Phil Blackmore
    Creative Director, Create Marketing
  • "Dave's highly creative and great at interpreting brief, which makes my life a lot easier. He is switched on, efficient and always responsive. He goes the extra mile and the quality of the work is always top notch. I have no hesitation what so ever in recommending Dave!"

    Jake Xu
    Director, READY
  • “Dave is one of those designers who understands what you want- rather than one who just ticks the boxes of your brief."

    Kirk Hullis
    Digital Engagement Manager, Healthspan.co.uk
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Previous Experience


After my studies and getting my 1st class degree in Graphic Design, I started my design career as a print designer, but at the same time was learning web design and coding. Over the years of working for various design agencies, I moved my focus to online design and I'm now a freelance Digital Designer.

Previous Experience

Liquidlizard (Freelance)
Since April 2012, I decided to go fulltime freelance to give me the time to work on my personal projects such as my clothing brand. Since then I now usually work for design agencies as a designer for hire, helping out on all kinds of design projects, and small businesses coming up with the creative direction for the project at hand .

Proctor & Stevenson
Well known design agency in Bristol who design campaigns for very large clients such as Panasonic. They create all types of media for on and offline campaigns. My role was senior web designer mostly designing websites and mobile app work.

Digital social media agency split into 3 companies (RubberRepublic, Delib, Viral Ad Network) specialising in creating campaigns for large well known clients such as Paramount and UK Councils. My role at TeamRubber was lead digital designer creating all the visual design work.

Debut Sport
Sports and leisure supplier for UK distributors such as Argos, Toys R Us, JJB Sport and Tesco. My role as senior designer was to create launch campaigns, design products and online advertisements.

The Filter
One of the first social networks that recommended music, films and web clips based on the things you watch and listen to. The company was part owned by Peter Gabriel and my role was lead designer to help build the brand and design a world class social website.

Design agency based in Bristol who created campaigns for all types of clients of different sizes. My role here switched between a print and web designer depending on the project.

Print design agency. Mostly handling local corporate projects and a monthly magazine. On occasion I built corporate websites and flash advert animations but my main role was print design on brochures, leaflets and the magazine.

London based print agency. As lead designer I designed and laid out all the printed materials for various small companies and local businesses.

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Previous Experience
My qualifications

BA (Hons) Graphic Design Degree - ‘1st Class’ 3yr (2000-2003) Swindon Art College

Btec National Diploma Graphic Design - 2yr (1998-2000) Barnfield College (Luton)

A-Level Art - 1yr (1998-2000) Barnfield College

Finally, All the things I enjoy

Creativity is my life. When I'm not designing things at work, I'm at home doing the same. I love learning new things and having new experiences. Below are some of my more favourite things to do and glimpse into what drives my creativity.


I love taking my camera out to new places and grabbing some epic shots. I especially love super-macro photography of insects and flowers. All my photos end up on my Flickr if you would like to see.

Cinema & Film

Storytelling is a big part of what I do. And naturally I love 3D Animated films the me most. I probably watch at least 2 films a week at home or in the cinema. And if it’s not Blu-ray it’s not worth it!
Cinema & Film
On occasion I can get really engrossed in a new game. Anything with a story, zombies or strategy and I will probably love it. Lately i've quite obsessed with VR games and media.


Over the last 16 years, I have been putting together my own graphic novel. Right now I’m slowly creating a bunch of animated short films and comic books to introduce the main storylines and characters featured in my epic on-going story known as ‘Afterdark’.
Afterdark Studios
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