Versus Launch Exhibition 2011

On Thursday 8th September, we had our launch exhibition at The Parlour in Bristol. Was a great event and thank you to everyone who came. I space stayed open on Friday and Saturday too and got a very good reception from visitors. Below are some photos taken at the space and packs, prints and posters are now available at the store page.

The next task will be to send volume 2 packs out to well known creative agencies. If you are one of these companies and would like a pack please contact us and let us know your address.

Information about Versus 2012 will be coming soon, but be warned it will be a slightly different project for next year...

See more photos for volume 2 here on flickr.

Todd Oliver


Poster and prints

Volume 2



Versus Exhibition 2011

The Parlour, Lower Park Street, Bristol 8th Sept

Versus Exhibition 8th Sept 2011

We are glad to annouce that the Versus Exhibition for 2011 has been confirmed at the Parlour exhibition space at the bottom of Park Street in Bristol on Thursday 8th September and is completely FREE to come along. So come on down after 6pm to see this years work and pick up a pack of the final artwork and/or the runner up poster.

It's a great chance to meet some talented people and support the Versus project for next year. We shall have more information soon but make sure you keep your diary free on the night.

Latest News from Versus 2

We have our 13 artists for volume 2!


That's right and the judging process was no easy task. There were plenty of other designs that could easily have been in the project but there were only 13 possible places so what you going to do?

I want to thank everyone who submitted artwork, we had over 52 submissions which means we could have made a pack of cards just from that! All the other designs not featured in the playing card pack will be featured on a group poster so everyone still gets to be in the project somewhere. I also want to thank the judges for doing a great job in selecting their favourites.

Volume 2 Artists

Below are a list of the selected 13 artists and links to their sites so you can get to know them better.

Ace - Barney Ibbotson

Two - Murray Somerville

Three - Ricardo Sudario

Four - James Downing

Five - Emory Allen

Six - Todd Oliver

Seven - Melanie Chadwick

Eight - Luke Waller

Nine - Dean Zappy

Ten - Amy Evans

Jack - Giuseppe Longo

Queen - Nicholas Darby

King - Blair Sayer

Meet the judges

Submissions are now over and it's on to the judging phase of the project. Below are bios of the 4 judges selecting the winning 13 artists for volume 2.

"I tried my best to find 3 other judges to make the winning selection high in quality and cover all the important bases that Versus is all about." - Dave

Dave Ashby Jess Gurr Jonathan Edwards Al Kennedy

Dave Ashby
Versus Coordinator

Graphic Designer and Illustrator in Bristol with over 10 years experience in the field of design.

"Versus is my project and i'm interested in giving a helping hand to new talented artists on the scene while making something everyone can get behind."

Jess Gurr
Illustrator & Writer

I have choosen Jess to judge Versus 2 as she is not only a freelance illustrator, but was also a part of volume 1 and will know what it takes to create a great idea based on the Versus brief.

Jonathan Edwards
Freelance Illustrator

Jonathan was choosen to be a judge, as he too is an illustrator and a successful one at that.

I think he will help select artists for their professionalism in the real world, making volume 2 high in quality and useful for finding the right person for the job.

Al Kennedy
Managing Director of Open

Al has been choosen to judge volume 2 from the point of view of an agency looking for an illustrator for a job.

Not only is he the managing director of the creative agency Open, but also has a background in illustration and would like to see more artwork used in todays marketing campaigns.

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