About Versus

Versus was a simple idea I had back in the summer of 2010. My original idea was to do something fun with business cards as a personal art project just for fun. After talking with a friend, an even better project poped into my head... 'Versus'.

At the time I was going to end of year shows, and after talking to some of the students, I realised it must be difficult for illustrators to find work. I'm a graphic designer by trade and at work am often in need of illustrators, who's style will match the project in hand. Only problem is that both myself and the company I work for don't know many illustrators.

The Versus project helps everyone... the creative organisations have a collection of local artists and the illustrators get employed. For me i'm happy just to be apart of an awesome project that benefits my fellow creatives.

Volume 1

In November 2010, volume 1 of Versus came and went with a launch exhibition at the "Start the bus" exhibition space in bristol. It was a great night as everyone came to see the work and buy their own playing card packs. See our Volume 1 page for more information.

Volume 2

The launch night for Volume 2 was at The Parlour on Park Street in Bristol and was a complete success! The entry system was slightly different from Volume 1 as every could have a go at entering by designing 1 card based on a breif with a colour scheme. Then 4 judges who have a background in illustration chose their favourites. Once selected, the featured 13 artists created the rest of their designs, however this time round everyone who entered got to be a part of the exhibition because along with the playing card pack, we also had a runner up poster.

Get your own packs and prints from volume 1 & 2 here.

Volume 3 ???

A lot of you are probably wondering if there will be a volume 3 next year? Well I can annouce that yes there will be! However I want to change the rules once again as Versus will be more than just the playing card project for 2012 and I want to focus on South West talent this time too. If you are based in the South West and would like to know more, please email me here to find out more.


Dave Ashby - liquidlizard.co.uk