Illustration, Flash Games, Actionscript

I used to do a lot of promotional work for Paramount Pictures making promo digital campaigns to help promote new worldwide film releases including Megamind, How to train your dragon, Thor, Dinner for Schmucks and many more including a romantic comedy called "She's out of my league".

She's out of my league

The flash games I worked on would reflected the main theme of the film in question. For this film, the main character gets put in a situation where he's dating someone far too 'hot' for his league. In the game you find yourself with your hot date and the aim of the game is to move your hand around your partner to the finishing line without getting over excited (off course). Similar to those electric wire games where your goal is to get the metal ring to the end without touching the wire track.

For this project I had to illustrate all the characters and layout the flash game assets. I worked with one other developer to complete the Actionscript 3 backend of the game and I worked with a few real-life models to gather the character illustrations used. I photographed the models in a studio environment and had to re-draw them in Illustrator to get around worldwide distribution laws, but the end result looked great and is humorous to play.

She's out of my league flash game