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If you have been following my work over the past few years, you will have seen me talk about Robot Alien Clothing for time to time. Robot Aliens is a clothing company I run based on childhood doodles made by my friend. He had the characters and a storyline all planned out but no outlet to show the world with. So I would take his doodles and illustrate them to a professional level to be printed and used as part of a clothing company.

We started with t-shirt designs, but eventually tried out toys, phone covers, keyrings, stickers, badges, gift cards and other promotional ideas. We had over 25 t-shirt designs over time and you can see a handful below.

For promotion, we decided to start sponsoring unsigned bands, and go on tour to sell extra merch to the right audience. This was a great move because the bands would help us and we would help them as both parties needed to spread the word about their cause.

Robot Alien Illustrations
Robot Alien Merchandise
Robot Alien Illustrations
Robot Alien Illustrations

We liked to come up with unique and fun ways to promote the website and our products. For example our gift cards were delivered in Robot Alien cereal boxes and we also ran an easter egg competition where we gave away free gifts.

Robot Alien Packaging Design
Robot Alien T-Shirt Design

We had numerous website designs to promote our latest season and also a separate music website to help promote the band sponsors. Most of the imagery on the website I also had to shoot with a mobile studio I have and the band members were more than happy to help model all of our designs.

Robot Alien Website Designs
Robot Alien T-Shirt Designs
Robot Alien Illustrations