Quantum Imaging

Cinema4D, 3D Product Visualisation, Animation, Website Design

Quantum is a new patented imaging device that allows medical professionals to quickly and easily rule out many heart problems during a routine check up. This is extremely useful for a doctor as previously, this type of scan using older techniques can take days to figure out instead of minutes thanks to this device.

Being a brand new product on the market, lots of promotional and demonstration imagery was needed for printed and animated media. My task was to take the CAD document files for the product, make sense of them and render realistic stills and instructional videos showing medical professionals using the device correctly.

I also created various website designs to showcase the product for launch which I plan to show very soon.

Cellnovo 3D Render
Quantum 3D Angle Renders 3D Animation Quantum 3D Renders Quantum 3D Renders Quantum 3D Renders