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Introducing Monster Boards, an on-going branded campaign I designed to help market a range of children's skateboards and extreme sports gear to the UK market.

My product designs were sent to China to be built, produced and shipped to large UK toy suppliers such as Argos, Toys R Us, Tesco and JJB Sports. To do this, I developed a range of illustrated character designs to be used on various product designs such as skateboards, skates, kites, pads, helmets and table games, all aimed at young-teenage children.

After the first year, the skateboards sold so well a second season was commissioned with new character designs. The project involved a lot of illustration work by hand which I then refined digitally.

Monster Skateboard Illustrations
Product Designs

Along with skateboards, there were literally hundreads of product designs displaying each character. Products such as skates, kites, sports equipment and table games. Above are some of my favourite skateboard designs out of the hundreads of variations I created.

Monster Boards Logo Design
Monster Boards Campaign Website

In 2012 I also created the Monster Boards website to display the full history of Monster Board products and give children a place to play games, download wallpapers and find out more their favourite characters.