I admit, I’m a huge fun of the Resident Evil series. So it was great to work on part of the social media launch campaign for Resident Evil 6.

A few years ago, when it got to Halloween, I used to get pictures of my friends and ‘zombify’ them using photoshop. I also did this to some of the employees at TeamRubber when I was still working there. TeamRubber had the awesome job of creating a social media campaign for the game launch, which involved getting RE fans together to create homemade images and videos to show their love for anything in the zombie film/game genre.

The winners of the project would get exclusive Resident Evil gifts and my part of the project was to ‘zombify’ their profile photos uploaded to the project website, so the next morning when they logged in, they see themselves as shocking realistic zombies.

Quite a fun project to be a part of, but I really need to go buy the game.