Recent Editorials

Morning all!

Recently I’ve had some lovely people write some very nice editorial pieces about me and my social media projects and I thought it would be nice to gather some of my favourites.

Chinese News

ETtoday Taiwanese News network
Compilations of my social media posts have now been featured several times on the Chinese news, which is incredible! Here’s the online version of the video article they made.

Chinese News

LTN Chinese News
Here’s another online version of the News channel article.

ITK 3D Pokemon

In The Know
Talking about my Pokemon in real life videos by Dillion Thompson

Goomba Stomp Article

Goomba Stomp
Lovely article about my Instagram and Tiktok posts by Antonia Haynes

Pokemon Cross Roads
Fan site writing about my pokemon and personal 3d character designs
An old but great article about early Razor & Lynks augmented reality posts.