So since you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed I have launched my new website! It’s been a weird year already with me having no work to suddenly working every waking moment. But right now things are going back to normal and I finally had some time to myself to work on and launch some new projects.

New Website

I have all new portfolio pages for you to check out. I was doing a lot of NDA work last year, so couldn’t share the outcomes for a while. Still more to come too. Other than new portfolio, i’ve updated my CV, shop and about page too. New projects, new focus, new plans…

So last year I completed my first animated short film featuring ‘Lynks’, the little dragon from my comic series Afterdark. I now plan to stop posting Afterdark related updates on Liquidlizard and start putting together it’s own website where I can keep all my updates together.

The levelup animation will feature Lynks, but mostly will introduce 2 main characters and demonstrate the basic feel of the rest of the Afterdark story. No talking, no complex plot, just action… for now 😀

Below are some robotic characters i’ve finished which will also feature in this next animation. These are not main characters! I probably won’t be finished until Autumn, but expect something ambitious!