Overdue Update 2020

Hi there!

So this update is about 1 year overdue. My bad…. I write this post in the Autumn of 2020, the year of hell. However I’ve survived so far by keeping myself busy by constantly working on 3d animations. If you follow any of my social media accounts, you’ll know what I mean.

As bad as this year has been, I personally have been blowing up on social media (Instagram & Tiktok mostly) because of my constant 3d augmented reality animations. I’ve been making various jokey animations for years now, but with the extra spare time and the need to stay busy. I’ve managed to grow an amazing audience and fan base around my 3d character animations involving my dragons Lynks & Razor and various game characters. The most well known of these being Pokemon.

At this point, i’ve been trying keep a constant stream of animations to brighten peoples day, by thinking up funny concepts, to make people laugh. None of this was particularly planned, but has naturally evolved over time, reacting to what’s popular, or what footage I have to hand. My content right now features 80% pokemon, 20% other, including my original dragon characters, with my best engagement currently reaching over 7 million views for a single video. I get non-stop requests for video content for other people and on occasion, companies too. Although what I do is still just for fun, it is fast becoming a big part of my life and has given me amazing connections with creative people all over the world.

I’ve even had a few famous people message me about my work, which is incredible. Although I don’t see myself this way, some people even describe me as famous, which make me laugh as all this affects my life with less free time, but not much else (apart from the odd freebie for companies).


SparkAR Filters

I also got into the social face filters game, using SparkAR to develop various filters for Facebook and Instagram. What I noticed, is that there is a lot of 2D filters out there, because the program lets pretty much anyone stick any png to someone’s face. However there wasn’t many 3d focussed ones and even less done well. So once I got my head around the basic controls and coding setup, I have developed a few Pokemon related filters, which too have had a ridiculous level of engagement. I’ve even had a couple paid projects come out of it which is nice.

Right now, Halloween is drawing to a close, as I close the chapter of a crazy month, where I tried to create a stead stream of animations almost every other day, to create a whole month of fun spooky content. I think this drive has let me create some of my best posts but at the same time, that level of workload is just too much to continue. So I’m planning to slow down in November as I develop some new personal characters.

I write this post as a moment of reflection, as my audience is still growing fast and I wanted to record my thoughts at this moment in time as I plan my next step. I’m still working from home as a freelance 3D artist, which is normal for me anyway, but I do wonder how far these new opportunities will take me by the time I do my next update.

If you’d like to see my content yourself, I don’t tend to show much within my portfolio here, but find my channels on Instagram and Tiktok under DaveLiquidlizard.