Monster Boards Season 2

Monster Boards season 2

Over a year ago I came up with Monster boards, a skate brand of 13 monster characters which a child’s skate brand I put together as part of Debut Sport’s winter selections for Argos. About 5 boards were made, plus a bunch of other skate related products and were available over a few seasonal periods in their catalogue. 

Apparently the brand sold very well, so Argos wanted to see a new range of Monster products for what I guess would be the Spring/Summer selections.

Debut Sport asked me to design a whole new range of products including skateboard, longboards, accessories, game tables and packaging in the space of 2 weeks

I took on this task and designed over 160 products including 6 packaging designs and a presentation. How? I’m fast. 🙂

Below are a few of my favourite skateboard and longboard designs.