Merry Christmas from Liquidlizard


I’ve been planning this for a while, so I’m glad it’s finally time to share this with the world!

I little Christmas message mostly for my clients but also to my followers, celebrating the season in Bristol (where i’m based). Click the link below to see the animation and I hope you enjoy!

Over the past year, i’ve been developing my 3D modelling and animation skills. The end goal one day is to build and animate my graphic novel. This year has been great, as 3D became something I now do professionally (that wasn’t the plan but I love it) and this is a little animation as a result of that training.

This is also the first time I super-impossed an animation into the real world. Not to mention the fact this involved some character modelling too, which is going to consume my life next year I know for sure, as I’m now writing and directing scenes for some short trailers for my graphic novel Afterdark.


Click here to watch the video