update – May 2010

Hello all you people out in internetland and welcome to the first of monthly updates of what i’m up to. As you can see i’ve had yet another re-vamp of this site. It wasn’t very long ago that I updated Liquidlizard, but I never found the time to do it justice till now and here it is!

As this is the first monthly updated, let me recap on what i’ve been up to this 2010 so far. If you know me, you’ll know i’m always busy building something and right now is a good example.

Previously on Liquidlizard…

This year started like a creative whirlwind of ideas, which unfortunately turned in to a muted fart… This was basically because I got ill and was in and out of hospital between Feb and March. This obviously put most of my projects on hold, but back now and the whirlwind it returning!

My Comic

Afterdark Vol I

The big projects inline for this year start with my comic Afterdark, which I have plans to put onto paper this year in word format. I managed to get Vol I made and printed a few years ago and the comic has been going well recently, except I’ve been so focused on the visual side of things, it takes forever to get just 1 volume done. Plus the story is 10 years long so drawing it all will be impossible with all the other projects i’ve got on the go. So this year I will write the basic story down and get it out of my head and worry about the production later.

On a related note, last month after seeing a 3D comic sequence in the movie Kick-ass, I have learnt the open source 3D modelling engine Blender, with the plan to build my comic in 3d cell shaded renders. It certainly is faster than drawing it and can have an awesome stylish look, so now that’s the next step for Afterdark. 


Photobook 2009

The next major project on my plate are 2 photography projects with the end goal of using the photos to produce 2 photobooks, which I hope will get published! 

Last year was a great year for me as I finally picked up photography and got to experiment with all types of different techniques. I learnt what I like most about photography and the types of techniques I’m good at. 

At the beginning of the year I had all the best photos from 2009 printed into a book through the very cleaver website Blurb. The end result was much better than I first imagined so I started thinking what could I do next with this? The answer was my 2 photobook concepts.

Super-macroMy 2 photography books will focus around 2 concepts, “Super-macro” and “Human Form”. Super-macro is a term I made up to describe the focal range of the photos. Using my 35mm Olympus lens reproduces standard 1:1 macro photos, but mix that with my 3 extension tubes and the range is almost 3 times the magnification of the standard range making it beyond macro. The images are very abstract and almost alien, as you can’t always make out what you are looking at. The book would ideally be called something like “Alien worlds”, because that’s the concept I want to portray.

The “Human Form” book, will be similar to life drawing, where the concept revolves around the idea of structure, form and poses. So far I have done 1 shoot in my new photography studio and things went very well! Although I learnt a lot about what I truly want out of this project and preferred the stranger unusual poses. Again a very abstract but fun project!

Robot Alien Clothing

If you have been looking at my site recently, you will have noticed the Robot Alien brand t-shirts I was making. Well this is a project i’ve been apart of for year with a business partner of mine and this year I made a huge push to get things live. It was going really well until our investor went bankrupt :s, so now things are on hold again until we get funding, but I’m very excited at where things are at the moment.

Up and coming

With the completion of my new website, the next big online project for me is my tutorial blog. The idea is to share some of my design knowledge to the world. I don’t want the tutorials to be a complete lesson in all adobe programs but more a straightforward guide to achieve a basic goal like “How to improve your photos in 20 secs flat!”.

These tutorials will mostly focus on adobe programs like photoshop, illustrator and flash. If you have a suggestion for a tutorial, go to my blog for more info.

Snippet projects

Okay, so I do have a list of new projects coming, which they include: ‘Insect Human photos’, ‘Lloyds TSB, weather project’, Blender character modelling, 3D film presentations, Summer macro photography and some others I don’t have names for yet.

I will post my next update at the start of June and hopefully will have more fun projects to talk through and if you got this far, thanks for reading!