Liquidlizard Update – September 2010

September looks to be a very interesting month, with 2 projects closing and new projects starting for me.

Robot Alien StripRobot Aliens are alive!

Firstly it’s great to finally see Robot Alien Clothing in the flesh as I get the first design printed. There’s still a lot of questions to be answer however, as I look for high quality at low price printing. Xander has been doing a bang-up job selling and marketing this 1 product even though we don’t have the website up yet.  

We have about 4 more designs to bring to life, which should be printed within the next couple weeks. I still have the massive task of finishing the new website, which will need serious consideration both the photography and build. I’ll probably have a week off work to get all this done once my head is clear, but really looking forward to getting it live.

Versus Deadline

Versus LogoAs of today, the Versus project officially gets finalised, as the final deadline is in. There are some amazing works I really want to show you all, but that will have to wait for the exhibition. We have received a small amount of funding from where I work (Teamrubber) and plan to go searching for more once I have a finished product to display.

I’ve talked with the artists to try and create some momentum behind the project in the art community and any cool ideas to make the exhibition fantastic. I’m still not certain on a location just yet, but I have my eye on howies at the moment.  

Photo of the day

From the 23rd September, my photo of the day project ends. I started the project at the beginning of September last year, and have decided to end a whole year of daily photos as it is also my birthday on the 23rd, making it a retrospective look of my year of being 28 years old. I plan to turn these photos into a book just for personal use, but I’ll have to focus on this when I find time.

With this daily project over, it gives me space for something new, and starting October I have a plan for a new graphic design project, but i’ll explain that next month.

Afterdark drawing idea

Afterdark LogoMy comic is the biggest project in my whole life, but finishing it to the level of quality I want has been a nightmare. For years now i’ve been searching for the best way to present it to the world and always knew there would be a website. Find the time has been the hardest job, but I have realised I just might have a solution next year for a new weekly project to get all 94 characters drawn easily. Once this is done i’ll be ready to build the site, but this is still quite a long way off, however last month I did manage to get a new improved logo made.