Liquidlizard Update June 2011

Hi there! Wow it’s been a while since i’ve had the web and during that time i’ve been working on ideas for a new project…

New Home

But first let me explain where i’ve been. Naturally I had no broadband because I moved house. This is great news, because now I have the space to do my projects any time I like. I basically have a small studio now and I could even leave my photography studio up for days if I wanted, so i’m quite happy about that.


C Project

The new project I was talking about, is still a secret as I plan how it’s going to work, but it’s phase 1 of a much bigger project i’ve got on the horizon and this time it’s a project solely for me and my work so no collaborations or business partners on this one. By the end of the project I hope to have 10 pieces of artwork and you’ll see my natural and unadulterated design and illustration style as I feel you never get to see it during my brief driven projects.

Above is a test shot of one of the pieces. I’ll leave it at that and you’ll have to wait for new posts for more info. 

See my C:Project research photo set for behind the scenes.

Versus 2 and the 13 artists

Versus Artists

As of tonight, I finally posted the chosen 13 artists for volume 2 of the Versus project, plus some examples of their work. The quality of the artists and the unique range between them makes this years pack look amazing. Although I haven’t even had half the final designs yet i’m already certain they will not disappoint.

Check out the chosen artists here and I will let you know when an exhibition date is confirmed (est Sept 2011 in Bristol).

Robot Aliens

Double T-shirt Offer

Our t-shirt brand has been going steady in my web absence and now i’m back I have some big tasks on the list including a new summer range and summer sales! 

Check out our new deals here.