Liquidlizard Update Feb 2011

All there! I haven’t been posting much in January but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy, just so busy I haven’t had time to think. So far 2011 has been going great (personal project-wise).

Versus 2 Launched

The big story this month was the launch of volume 2 of Versus, which means i’m now accepting artwork submissions through the Versus website to be 1 of the 13 featured artists. If you’re an illustrator get over to the site and join in!

Afterdark Characters


The next big project of the year will be my weekly project, where I draw at least 1 of the 130 characters in my comic in preparation for the website a year from now. So far i’ve done about 6 drawings so the project is on track and going well. Here are 3 of my main characters, but expect many more appearing here.

Cakey Cakes


I kicked off this month with some great cake ideas and people say I keep pushing my quality bar each time. High praise but i’m still not ready to go into business or anything, it’s still just for fun (making for birthdays at work).

This month I made a replica of my Canon 550D for Matt and a muppet Animal cake for my housemate Rich. Can’t wait for the next one, it’s going to be fantastic!!

See more of my cakes here.

Robot Aliens website

The next big project for me will be getting my clothing range website up and running and I have a few things planned for the next 3 months to get it all sorted. First I need to finish building the new website, then design our Spring t-shirt range and then organise and do the photoshoot in Birmingham.

A lot to do I know but very exciting to finally get this out there as it has been 3+ years in the making.

Here is a collaborative doodle by myself and Xander which is going into the website design.