Liquidlizard Update Dec 2010

December has been one hectic month! I had a load of my projects to finish off and got a bit behind on my cake projects too.

Versus Update


The start of December was spent sending out most of my Versus playing cards and prints. I now have about 100 packs sold, with another 100 to shift in the new year. As for the prints, number six (Gary Lucken) cards completely sold out, which I think is because you don’t see many pixellated high quality prints, so well done for him, but I still have loads of other A6 print sets available, so get yours at the following link.

Monster Boards Series 2 

I did some manic freelance work this month, and it was something I both enjoyed and am proud to be a part of. My previous employer (Debut Sport) asked me to develop a new range of kids skate products for a future season of Argos products using my Montser Boards brand I designed a couple years ago.


Another thing I liked about this project was that I could so how fast I can work when I need to. In my own time at the weekends and after my 9-5 job, I made 160 different products, about 8 packaging box designs and a presentation to display it all within 2 weeks from start to finish.

The products included over 60 skateboards, 8 longboards, about 8 gametables, kites, skates and loads of skate accessories such as helmets and pads.

Looking forward to see what Argos selected, although they do tend to choose my least favourites, but you can see my choice picks here at flickr.

Budget Challenge Game

Also this month I finally got to release a flash game i’ve been working on as part of Delib to create a budgeting game to raise awareness of how hard it is for councils to save or move money around. This is a game designed for those living in Moray in Scotland and I worked on this project with Aaron Miller (Number 5 in Versus) who created the character designs which I animated.

Play the game at


My First Commissioned Cake

By now you know I have a thing for making replica cakes, and a couple weeks ago, I was asked to make a cake for actual dosh! Which is a new experience for me. The cake was a stack of presents as part of one of IGFest’s game prizes for Christmas. It turned out well and apparently the cake winners shared it out with the rest of the venue and was tasty 🙂 (It’s not all about looks on my cakes!) 

robot alien store

Robot Aliens

As Christmas approaches, me and Xander wanted to try and sell more of our t-shirt range, however I’ve been a bit swamped with Versus and Monster Boards to focus on building our full website, marketing and photography for our planned launch, which will probably be in late January 2011. So instead, this week I created a temporary website and lowered the prices to clear out our current stock. This also means I can design new t-shirts for the Spring season.

We also have a bunch of FREE gifts to give away with our first batch of orders, as Xander has been making loads of felt alien toys. So if you buy right now, you’ll probably get one of these too.

Visit our special offer temporary store at


As you’ll be aware, it’s Christmas! and I had some down time last week in work, so quickly made this game in flash to help spread some Christmas spirit. Feel free to play by clicking the image below and try your best to get a high score. If you get over 1,000,000 points i’ll be impressed!

Over Christmas, my parents want me to make a Christmas cake for the big day, and I have a lot of reflecting to do as this year ends and I plan for what comes next for me in 2011.

Merry Christmas Y’all!