From London to Bristol Update

Hi All!

It’s been literally over a year since my last blog post and that stops now. I had some problems with my old blog setup (Tumblr) and mr old flickr account, but I’m back now in more ways than one.

This past year I was living in London for my partner and to try something new. A year later and i’ve had some exciting new adventures but i’m now back living in Bristol. Bristol being the place I know I should be.

I’m still Freelancing as always as a digital designer and 3D artist, now based near Spike Island in Bristol. I’ve also updated my portfolio with a few new app and animation projects, London is nothing but NDA secret projects but I have a few to show at least. I’ve only been back 2 months and already i’ve been on a good old photography tour and had a couple big animation projects. Safe to say i’m more creative here in the West country.

HDR Bath Tour

Last weekend, I went a little walking photography trip around Bath with the Bristol (#igersbristol) and Bath (#igersbath) instagramer groups who organise meetups for walkers, photographers and dog walkers. It’s a nice way to meet new people and see some new sides of the places you think you know. It was fairly gloomy weather, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to doing some HDR digital photography. It’s been several years since I gave this a go, but the results turned out great!

What’s is HDR? High Dynamic Range photography. This just means you can bring out all the tonal data in the photos you take. So on a gloomy day, the world looks apocalyptic, especially when it comes to clouds.

Here’s a few of my favourites:

Bath Cresent HDR

Bath Cresent HDR

Spider HDR

Bath HDR

See more of this tour here
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Expect many more blog posts this week, as I have practically a year of various photography tours in London to post here. It’s all very backwards I know, but I’m slowly working through them all.