By now you may have seen this year’s Bristol Pride festival advertised around town. It’s been a couple years since I helped out with a new branding design but here’s my new design.

I thought it would be good to explain how this came about, as I have actually been planning a design like this for a while now.

Bristol Pride 2015 Branding

Like my previous designs, the main goal of the branding is to promote the festival, it’s location, date and what it stands for. Obviously the rainbow flag or in this case just the colours, symbolise the inclusion of all types of people and their views. But being Bristol, we have a range of well known places scattered around that help to hit home the location of the festival. This is basically my starting point for my previous 2013 designs, accept I wanted to improve on the last design, plus I wanted something completely separate from it and not just a slight improvement.

I had the idea of creating paper models in 3D for a while now, but everytime I tried it, it just wasn’t good enough. Eventually over time I developed a technique for turning almost any 3D model into a realistic looking paper design. The next task was finding the time in my manic schedule to actually build all the parts I would need. For this It made sense to keep the things I needed in mind while making another project, killing two birds with one stone.

If you’ve seen my portfolio, I have to ask… does anything look familiar here? 🙂

Back around Sept/Oct 2014, I was putting plans together for my yearly Christmas promo project that I send out to my local clients. If you go watch the 2014 animation that I made, you’ll see paper buildings around Bristol. I basically planned out that animation so that making the parts for that project also made the ones for this. Cheeky I know! 😀

I then created this poster in my free time around Jan/Feb 2015 and revised different versions including a new logo and styleguide until this was the end result.

I’ve now seen the my design appearing on posters all around Bristol which is fantastic to be a part of once again. Bristol Pride is all this week with the Pride Parade and Castle Park festival happening this Saturday as the main event. I shall be there showing my support and all are welcome if you want to join in.