Big Old Update

As usual it’s been a busy time in and out of work lately and I’m so behind on blogging all my recent adventures. So here’s a big news dump of the recent photography trips I’ve been on, and my well overdue posting about my annual Christmas project (i know it’s February… shut up).

Bristol Aquarium
So in backwards order, the most recent thing i’ve been up to is finally visiting the Bristol Aquarium with my camera. As always, i’ve posted all the photos I took with a couple of my favourites below.
See all the photos on flick here.

Bristol Aquarium Feb 2016
Bristol Aquarium Feb 2016

Bristol, Bath and London Tours

I’ve been visiting a lot of places, so rather than separate them out, let’s just say i’ve had a fun couple months constantly visiting places near and far. I went to the London Science and Natural History museums and finally saw the musical ‘Wicked’. Below are some of my favourite shots during my visit.
See all the photos on flick here.

London Tour Feb 2016London Tour Feb 2016

2015 Christmas Project
Ok, we’ve already covered that this is rather late to talk about, but I had a busy Christmas and I simply forgot to blog about it when the time came. But all went to plan in the end and you can view at the link below.

For this one, I wanted to mix 3D animation with web design… I feel that I sometimes need to remind my clients that even though I mostly talk about 3D modelling and animation these days, i’m still a digital web designer at heart. It’s all just very exciting for me is all. So the plan was to create a christmas message that did both jobs. Have a play below. You can even customise your own message… not that you want to send it in February :s

Click here to view.