Hello all! As you may already know, i’m spending a lot of my free time these days animating short stories for my Afterdark project. The next one i’m planning for next year is going to be a tricky one, but I already know for sure i’m going to need 2 of my main characters built and ready to animate. And these will certainly not be the last.

So… I knew I would needed a templating system (character architype) to churn out humanoid characters faster than i’ve been doing previously and below are the results.

3D Character

Right now, I have just thing standard guy model made, which has 70% of the job done when I want to modify him for new character designs. I also wanted a similar style across all my designs, so this helps with that too.

3D Character

Before I finish one of my Afterdark characters, I wanted to give it a try on something less important first. So naturally, I made myself 😀

You may say it doesn’t look like me, but I’m no expert at this type of modelling yet, plus my style isn’t meant for this type of realistic adaptation. Saying that however, I love the outcome and am planning to incorporate him/me into my future promo projects.

3D Me

My next blog update, is likely to be my annual Christmas project, and of course, an animated ‘3D Me’ will probably make an appearance.