First attempt at my on going cake projects. Next one will be much more detailed.See more images here

I put together this personal illustration project and here it is so far. More details later!

Went to Ashton Court today and got some new macro shots.See them on flickr hereĀ 

QuickConsult website went live this week. I had to create a universal css layout to work with all Delib’s products.

To help those who want to learn Adobe Illustrator, here is an infographic explaining of all the tools and what they do. Download the PDF hereĀ 

Thought it was about time I showed this poster I made for a game called Crisis Point for the European Parliament. The game was an educational thing to see how …

Having a play with illustration today, no real reason other than having fun!This is ‘Happy Razor’ an illustration of my pet lizard.

Liquidlessons tutorials is now live! Follow me on the tutorial Twitter accunt to get the latest video posts @liquidlessons. Need help with a graphic problem? Ask me on the …