Finally, the She’s out of my league game I built at RubberRepublic.For this game I basically made everything visual. The design and illustrations.The illustrations were based on the previous photoshoot …

RubberRepublic movie poster of work I made. Normal and 3D versions. Get your 3D glasses out for the second image! 

My RubberRepublic re-design went live this week.

Helix & Felix animation made for Abcam through RubberRepublic.I personally made the intro/outro screens and helped with some video effects.Click the image above to watch the animation. 

New levels of Awesome, holding page I designed ready for the new RubberRepublic site launch.

A model ship I made from old Teamrubber business cards, just for fun.

Just finished some new macro locust shots.Click image to view more. 

Uploaded some of my Life Drawing studies in movement and dance from last year. 2 to 30 sec drawings. Click here for more