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Based in Bath and part owned by Peter Gabriel, 'The Filter' was a recommendation engine that could suggest music, films and web clips through a web interface or desktop app based on your previous selections (similar to, Pandora, Spotify and iTunes Genius). This was back in the day when Twitter, Facebook and other social networks were still in their infancy.

I had the task of designing a company brand that could work online and offline and be versatile enough to work in all scenarios. I worked closly with the company's development team to help build the website and promote it's features through various online widgets. There were various versions of the website design, as each iteration was user tested and revised. Unfortunately the project didn't take off, mainly down to being a fairly late player in the music recommendation market, but it was a great project to be a part of.

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Prototype Website Examples

The Filter Website Prototypes The Filter Website Prototypes The Filter Website and app design