Illustration, Pitch

Early in 2014, I was asked to help create an diagramatic illustration as a pitch proposal for an educational project for Microsoft.

The basic idea was that Microsoft would find unused school facilities in areas of the US that had problems with educational funding for very young children. Then they would turn the unused classroom into a 'Creative Lab' where children were invited to come by for a short period of time (a day) and work on a colloborative project with the rest of the class as a sort of pop-up classroom.

The results of this would be to teach young children about how to use tablets, touchscreens and other new mobile devices (Microsoft Surface), while also making a nice promotional piece for Microsoft's marketing department to use in tv adverts and show they try to give sometime back to lower income communities.

I was asked to put an illustrated diagram together, which could be used within a pitch environment to visually explain the concept of the project. Using Illustrator, I created the drawings below as part of a step by step guide through the process.


Microsoft Creative Lab Illustration
Microsoft Creative Lab Illustration