Branding, Website Design, Animation, Video

The start-up company IdeaSprout asked me to help improve their original brand and create a website design to highlight the services of their new venture. The site would be a place where other new start-ups and new business types could find and connect with people with the skills they need to help their business 'grow'.

Whether your need is for a website designer, website developer, writer, director and so on, any type of skilled digital professionals would sign up to the site and create a profile about the services they can offer and wait to be discovered.

They too could search out the companies that might need their services and enquire, making it a new way to create and find digital creative jobs online. Below are visuals of the original website designs and a promotional video that I created to help explain the concept.

IdeaSprout Logo Design

IdeaSprout Website Design
IdeaSprout Website Design