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At the start of 2014, Bogota Coffee Company was a new independantly run coffee shop in the heart of Milton Keynes. They had a name for the business but nothing else and asked me to help them design and develop their brand over time.

Orignally they were solely selling coffee supplies online with some background information about the high level of quality they can offer their customers. Within a few months, they already had plans to build an actual shop and today they now have 3 various locations spread around Milton Keynes.

Bogota Coffee Website Design

Quality was always the highest importance to the owners and they aren't afraid to try out new ways to promote using the latest media and technology.

My original task was to create branding, build a website and design their social media outlets. Eventually this moved on to needing visualisations of interior layouts in 3D and photography. More recently they also required a re-design of the website to cater for their current multi-store situation.

Below are examples of the branding, website design and 3D renders.

Bogota Coffee Website Design

3D Shop Interior Renders

Bogota Coffee 3D Interior Layout
Bogota Coffee 3D Interior Layout Bogota Coffee 3D Interior Layout Bogota Coffee 3D Interior Layout