3D Modelling, Cinema4D, Character Design, Rigging

Probably the most advanced technique I can offer using 3D modelling is character modelling and animation. Below are a selection of recent character models I have created in Cinema4D for various projects.

Because I plan to be creating a lot of characters for my animated series in the coming years, I decided to develop a chracter template to use as a base and speed up the modelling process. From this template I created this model below as a test. He is actually meant to be me, and after he was rigged, I used him as part of my Christmas animation for 2014. See the portfolio page here to see the animation.

Lynks Character

Lynks is the first proper fully rigged 3C character I created. He was made to be a main character for my Afterdark animated series and is a fairly complex model due to the fact he has 7 limbs and can switch from bipedal to walking on all fours. See him in action in my Lynks short animation here.

Lynks 3D Character Design
Lynks 3D Character Design
Christmas Present Character

A fairly basic character. This present model was created to be used in my 2013 Christmas animation and was my very first attempt at a rigged character.

Educational Characters

Below are a couple simple 3D character designs I created for an online educational project. The characters had to appeal to a very young audience and ended up being a mix of educational and random in design.

Educational Character Designs
Educational Character Animation