T-Shirt Design Week

Hi all! Before I start, sorry I haven’t posted much lately, mainly because i’ve been so busy with getting Robot Alien’s Halloween range out. But gladly that is now live with a funky temporary Halloween website re-skin and a couple new products including jumpers and kids sizes at last!

T-Shirt Design Week

Anyway! Today marks the last day of my t-shirt design week, where I took 3 days off work to focus solely on new t-shirt designs for Robot Aliens which will hopefully mean I can focus on my other projects for a few months but still release new designs without the task taking up all my time.

I came up with 6 new designs in 3 days plus some extra pieces which either need some work or aren’t t-shirts :p 

Below are some of the new designs which will be available on the site soon.

Check out the Halloween website before I change it again for Christmas.

Rexy T-shirt Design

Super T-shirt Design

Chatty T-shirt Design

Moon T-shirt design

Check out the Halloween website before I change it again for Christmas.