Robot Alien is Launched!

If you follow my Twitter accounts, you may have heard me talking about Robot Aliens, a clothing brand i’ve been putting together over the past few years.

Finally we have launched our brand new website, which i’m proud to say was entirely built by my own hands. The t-shirt designs, the photography, the branding and the site itself.

Robot Aliens was an idea that my friend Xander came up with in his childhood and had always had plans of getting his ideas out into the world some how. It reminded me a lot of my Afterdark story, which gave me a reason to help out someone else in the same position. Working with Xander to understand the story line and the world of Robot Aliens, I offered being a business partner to get his story made as a clothing brand.

We have a range of 18 products and we plan to make even more over time, hopefully releasing new ranges over the seasons.

The difference between us and other brands, is the boldness of our products and the story we want have to tell.

Check out the website and be apart of our community!

 Robot Aliens

Robot Aliens