Previously on Liquidlizard…

Along with this month’s update I thought it would be good to tell my new followers a little about me and the many creative things I do in Bristol.

I have a few blogs which I use to inform people like yourself what i’m up to but at the same time help spend my knowledge to follow artists and designers. Below I have listed my current blogs which you can find from the My Blogs page.

My Project Blog

By now you’re aware of my work blog, because you are looking at it! Here is where I post my latest news and updated in my projects in and out of work.

liquidlizard work blog

My Tutorial Video Blog

Every Thursday I try my best to release a step by step video guide to all sorts of techniques and skills used to make all kinds artistic projects such as image manipulation, video editing, animation, coding and illustration. So far I have covered Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and am now moving on the AfterEffects. 

Have a look at the site and get learning at your pace. And feel free to ask me how to do something by email or Twitter and I’ll most likely cover your problem in the next episode. 

Also I’m looking for a good venue where I could run live tutorial classes. If you have any ideas where this could be, please email me some details.

Just for fun!

This is my fun blog as I tend to find lots of fun and interesting things on the web and I need somewhere to keep it all to share with everyone I know. It’s mostly internet meme’s these days but I also post some cool design things here too. I guarantee something will make you smile.

fun blog

Versus Volume 1 & 2 and beyond…

Hopefully by now you will have heard about my collective illustration project from last year. Versus is quite simple, a group of 13 talented artists came together to make a playing card pack based on a brief I put together, which was then sent out to local creative agencies as a free promotional project to get these artists noticed.

Versus is returning this year (2011) for volume 2, and has already had over 20 submissions to be considered. I want to push this to the highest quality it can be for the launch at the end of the year. I also have plans for beyond as I’m also building a new website for my next step, but I can’t say too much right now.

Visit the website to find out more and feel free to submit some artwork if you wish to be apart of this years pack.


Robot Aliens Clothing Brand

I am on the verge of releasing a t-shirt brand setup between myself and my best friend. Our Spring range is currently at the printers, meaning I only have a photography shoot to sort out and then our new website will be fully launched. 

In the project my role is to develop the brand, design the t-shirts and build the website. Below are some examples of our Spring range and visit our website at

Robot ALiens

Cakey Cakes!

For a bit of fun, I like to make replica cakes for the guys and girls at work on their birthdays based on things they like. At the moment I just do this for fun, but it looks like I might turn it into a business one day. 

See more of my cakes at my Flickr set here.


So that’s my life recently. Keep looking down this blog to see what else i’ve been working on lately as I didn’t want to go on forever. I have other projects in the works including my comic book story and my photography books.

Follow me on twitter to keep in touch and thanks for listening.

Dave 😉