Here’s is an animation test for a new character model I made in Cinema4D for my Afterdark story, please ignore the watermark (trial effect program).

This is Nightmare. A creepy robot from the end of my Afterdark story. One of hundreds of black robots, they may look evil but they are actually a positive invention and their appearance is intended to cause fear.

Rather than sending criminals to jail for years with no guarantee of rehabilitation, the Nightmare robots attach to the subjects face just for a few minutes and play out a scenario that creates a realistic world involving your deepest fears. This results with the subject learning a life lesson in a few minutes which to them could feel like months.

Nightmare can run, jump, fly and even teleport. They are designed to induce fear and be unstoppable.

Keep an eye out for more characters from my Afterdark series as I reveal more of my graphic novel story.