Liquidlizard Update Oct 2010

There were a few set backs last month that put my productivity to 0%, but got things back on track and looks to be a massive month for my projects. Firstly I have to apologise for my late update, but I had my Mac stolen, and with all the projects getting sorted it slipped my mind. 

Since my last update i’ve had a few fun projects, including wedding photos, Robot Aliens and Versus launch.

Wedding photosWedding Photos

My cousin got married back in September and even though I wasn’t the official photographer for the day, I took this chance to give it a go. I was very happy with the outcome and it was actually the first real photography project using the new Canon. I even got some videos and hope to put this into a book as a gift for the happy couple next year. As usual see all the photos on my flickr page here.



My cake projects have finally got to a point where I reckon I could make them for cash, such as promotions and birthdays. I still want to experiment with different techniques and i’ve yet to use my new cake pens! I’ve had a break from making them to experiment with new material, which work out great since I haven’t got a birthday to build for until mid October. Here is my last creation, a French loaf and garlic for Karen’s birthday. See more of the cakes and my blog post about them on the Teamrubber blog here.

Versus Exhibition

Finally I can announce that the Versus launch night will be 11th November 2010 at Start the Bus’s exhibition space upstairs. With all the artwork in and the boxes now at print, we are all ready to show off the project. I needed help getting the show prints together for both showing and selling the artwork and RipeDigital have now become a new sponsor to solve this issue. I’ve got to say they have done a great job so far and recommend them to anyone looking for show prints. Visit the Versus website for more information and to help us promote the launch night!

robotalienteeNext month

Technically it’s alreay next month at this point and Versus is the project project on my plate right now, although Robot Aliens has still been growing and we now have a couple more t-shirt designs made. I’ve been working on building the website and it’s 60% there I just need to organise models for the photoshoot I hope to do in November.

I have a couple new projects for December but can’t really say what they are just yet. Also be sure to tune in for my Oct 29th episode of Liquidlessons as I plan to do something fun for the halloween tutorial.