Liquidlizard Update Jan & 2011

Happy New Year all! 

First I got to say 2010 was a great year for my personal work and I’ve got even bigger plans for 2011.

I still have some projects to finish off from 2010, including making a new photo book through blurb, like I made in January last year, only a new one for all the photos I took last year. I also need to make one of these books and catalogue my images and text posts on my photo of the day blog.

Versus Vol2

versus vol 2There’s also the final Versus Vol1 packs to still go out to agencies, but I’ve made a start by improving the logo and a new colour scheme for Vol 2! 

Volume 2 will be a competition, so everyone gets to try and be in the project but also there will be an extra product that all the running ups can be a part of. I not quite ready to launch plans for volume 2 yet, but it will be soon!

I still need at least 2 judges to help me pick the winners this time, I’m thinking a graphic designer (that’s me), an illustrator and a creative/art director, to cover what’s cool and needed in the industry.

Afterdark Characters

afterdark boardThe biggest project for me this year is going for me to make a start on drawing all the character designs from my comic for the coming website. Last night I filled in my whiteboard with all the characters in my story i’m going to need for the website and we are talking at least 130 different character drawings which will eventually be on the website in full colour and animating with effects and everything 🙂

I also have some promo ideas for Afterdark including my planet posters, but I might do some other posters to add to the art direction for the website.

Robot Aliens

robot aliensNow me and Xander are ready for the next proper launch and have some funds ready, there will be a Spring range of our Robot Alien t-shirts coming, where I’m going to have a website and a photoshoot to sort out.

So that’s 2011 for me right now, there is another big project in there, but I can’t talk about it just yet, but I know you’ll like it when it’s done!