2013 – 2014


Happy new year everyone! It’s been a good year for me at Liquidlizard and I literally don’t have a clue where I’ll be by this time next year as my long term plans are coming together sooner than expected.

You probably have noticed this year I’ve been building a lot more 3D projects. To be honest I’ve actually had a nice mix between Web and Design work too, but alas I’m not able to talk about them. Which is a real shame because there’s some real nice projects for some big ass clients in there!

Anyway, my long term plans with my comic / graphic novel / animated series (whatever it is), was to be in a position to start using my 3D skills to put together the characters and locations and render out some classic scenes to help me promote the story. It was my plan to give myself 2 years to practice modelling before I even started, but really I’m already set after a year of 3D projects for clients and I plan to make some animated trailers to show off some of the cool stories and characters that live in my head.

So, while I had some spare time over Christmas, I built a new character called Lynks for my Afterdark story. Even though I’ve built a few other characters recently, this is a much more important one and I absolutely love him!


I have big plans for this character, and have a storyboard planned out for him which I’m currently working through, but this video was just a quick test of his basic controls and he’s adorable.

Over the next few months as usual, during the day I will be designing for my clients but in the evenings I’ll be working on him. So come back soon to see where I get too with my light hearted bit of animated fun!

Happy New Year 2014!