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Portfolio of Bristol based freelance digital digner and 3D artist Dave Ashby. I design and build projects of all shapes and sizes for all types of clients such as design agencies and small businesses. I offer freelance services such as creative direction, graphic design, responsive website design, HTML Email design, 3D modelling & animation, print design, flash games and I also wireframe and design mobile and tablet apps. With over 15 years experience in various areas of design including art direction, creative direction, web design, illustration, graphic design, print, app design, 3D Modelling ( Cinema4D ), animation, video editing and flash games.


Digital Design Graphic/Web Design 3D Modelling & Animation


Rotary Watch 3D Animation

Rotary Watch Animation

London Underground Infographic

Underground Infographic

Profotfit Branding and Website Design

Protofit Branding and Website


  • My nerdy artwork prints

    A while back, I started drawing random characters from some of my favourite games as A3 drawings. It was just for a bit of fun and to use my hands for once, as I rarely get to in my very digital career.

    After a while, I kept posting my progress on social media and started getting a lot of positive comments about my work and a few even asked to buy them. So I took my favourite designs and got them professionally printed on to A3 and set up an Etsy store. It’s barely been a week and the response has been amazing! I never thought there would be much interest but i’m now starting to plan another batch of new designs and even have some commissions lined up. So expect to see more of these.

    Final Fantasy A3 Print

    Pokemon A3 Print

    Zenyatta Overwatch Print

    DVA Print   Pokemon Print

    These designs cover games and anime such as Overwatch, Final Fantasy, Full Metal Alchemist and Pokemon. I’m planning on doing more Final Fantasy related ones and i’m a bit late to the game this year, but maybe a set of Christmas cards next year if all this goes well 😀

    To be honest, I was just doing these drawings for myself to put on my very bare wall in my new place. I find it quite fun though and very relaxing to just draw again as it’s been so long since I’ve done any hand made arts and crafts.

    If you like to visit my Etsy store, visit the link below.